Picking the 'Goldilocks' Diamond


From our previous posts we know the fundamentals

  1. Size = Carats

  2. Quality = Cut (glitter), Color(how white) and Clarity (blemishes)

  3. Size↑ + Quality↑ = Cost ↑↑

We saw that ‘Perfect’ quality diamonds (D color, IF clarity and Excellent Cut) quickly rack up the cost.

Picking the Best Diamond

“For my budget of $X,000. What is the best diamond?”

In today’s blog post we will find that buying ‘perfect’ quality diamonds is often not the best deal or way to spend your budget

We can choose slightly lower quality which still looks fabulous and use the saving to buy a larger carat (size). Read on …

Grouping Quality

We can think about quality in three categories

Perfect Quality
Perfect under a *microscope*
Great Quality
Perfect or near perfect to the *human eye*
Issues visible to the human eye
Cut D, E, F G, H, I J, K, L
Clarity Flawless, Internally Flawless, Very Very Slight Very Slight Slight and Included
Color Excellent Excellent Very Good, Good & Poor

With this knowledge we can return to a graphic we introduced in our first blog looking at size, quality and price!