Lab Grown Diamonds

You may have heard about lab grown diamonds and have a ton of questions:

  • What are “lab grown” diamonds?
  • Can you tell the difference between lab grown and natural diamonds?
  • Are Lab diamonds cheaper than natural diamonds?
  • Should you consider buying a lab grown diamond?

In this blog post we are going to jump into lab diamonds. In short, visually it is hard to tell the difference between lab grown and natural diamonds. If you have no “romantic attachment” to a natural diamond you can save yourself a significant percentage by buying a lab grown diamond.

What are Lab?

“Natural” or “Earth created” diamonds were created billions of years ago at great depths where pressure and heat converted carbon fluids into diamonds.

Lab-Created (sometimes called Synthetic or Cultivated diamonds) are … you guessed it …. created in a laboratory using one one of two techniques (HPHT or CVD)

Why: Price

One of the primary attractions of lab created diamonds is cost. As you can see in the graph below for comparable size and quality Lab grown diamonds (grey) are significantly cheaper than Natural/Earth diamonds.