How we save you crazy $$$s

On OneTrueRock site you will see crazy savings: often between 5% to 20%. This seems crazy! In this blog post we explain how this is possible. We are going to dive into how the diamond industry works and find:

  1. The same diamond is often listed for sale on multiple sites at different prices
  2. Individual diamonds are not priced efficiently (there are good and bad deals)

Aggregating Listings: Same Diamonds, Different Prices

In a vastly oversimplified view of the diamond supply chain:

  1. Miners: dig the diamonds
  2. Cutters: cut and polish the diamond
  3. Dealers: hold inventory of diamonds for sale
  4. Retailers: websites or jewelers sell to the end consumer

Efficient Diamonds

At every stage along the way the price of the diamond increases. It is important to understand:

many dealers list their diamond for sale on multiple retailers at different prices

If you think about hotels - same thing happens. The same room listed on different sites for different prices. That price difference can also be significant. A 5-15% price difference is not uncommon.

Where this gives us an opportunity as a diamond search engine is to scan and aggregate all of the listings then find the cheapest listing. Finding a 10% saving on a $5000 allows us to potentially save you $500!

How real are these savings?

The diagram below shows the price difference between two retailers for the same diamond.