Size: Carats Matters

Size Matters

When it comes to diamonds - yes - size matters! There is no getting around it. A larger diamond is in our culture more impressive and more desirable.


The apparent size of a diamond is measured in Carats. Carat is actually the weight of a diamond. 1 Carat is 200 milligrams of diamond. To over simplify - more carats equals a bigger diamond.

Carats ~= Size

How ‘Big’ is a Carat?

The tool below shows the visual size of different carat weights of round diamonds.

Typical Size/Carats

The average engagement ring is 1 ct. For a round diamond this costs roughly $5k. However, there is no fixed expectation and you should go up, or down in size, depending on your budget and priorities.

Size and Cost

The graph below shows how cost increases with size for good quality diamonds.