Stretching Your Budget

We generally recommend that you set a budget and use our tools to find the recommended diamond. Our algorithms are attempt to find optimal balance of size and quality for that budget.

However, there may be scenarios where you want to ‘stretch’ your budget to get a bigger diamond. The scenarios this may occur is:

  • your partner has their heart set on a particular size/carat of diamond.
  • Perhaps you feel a pressure to ‘keep up with the Joneses’ on size (it is okay - no judgement!)

Going bigger = reducing quality

In our first few blog articles we covered the core axiom - increasing size or quality increases cost.

Cost↑ = Size↑ + Quality↑

Therefore, the only way (for a fixed budget) to increase size is to reduce quality!

Cost(same) = Size (up) + Quality(down)

Now we know we want the only way to get a bigger diamond is to reduce the quality there are two questions

  1. How do you reduce quality?
  2. How ‘far’ can you reduce quality without getting a poor diamond?

How do we reduce quality?

In our previous post on quality we covered quality is comprised of three factors

Factor What is it? Scale Highest end of scale Lower end of scale
Cut How well it reflects light Excellent - Poor 'Glitter' Dull
Clarity Blemishes IF - SI1 Flawless to the microscope Visible flaws to the eye
Color How white D-K White Brown/Yellow

To get a bigger diamond we will start to reduce the quality of color and clarity.

Generally this will mean for clarity we may slip from VVS1/VVS2/VS1 to VS2 or SI1.

For color we may slip from around GH to I/J.

The savings we will get will allow us to buy a bigger diamond.

How Far Can You Trade Quality for Size?

The challenge with compromising on quality is that, at some point, the flaws or less white color will start to become visible to the human eye. You will end up with a diamond that is a little less beautiful.

Personally, I recall an acquaintance with an absolutely huge diamond ring. It must have been in the 4 carat range. However, it was intently grey and dull to the extent it almost didn’t look like a diamond. There is no judgement and it may have been an heirloom or there may have been a story behind that diamond. However, it is not one that most people would want to present to their fiancee.

You can compromise a bit on quality to try to get a bigger diamond but at some point the quality will become noticeable to the human eye

Compromise on Cut?

You may notice that we did not compromise on cut. Generally speaking Cut is very important in the overall appearance of the diamond. While you can compromise on Cut it is not something we typically recommend.

Using the Algorithm

On the OneTrueRock site search page can see this in action. Our recommendation balances quality, size and cost.

If you head ‘to the right’ on our results you can see you get bigger diamonds but the quality decreases.

Efficient Diamonds

What About Lab or Synthetic Diamonds?

If at this stage you still can not stretch your budget to reach your goals you may want to consider Lab grown or ‘Synthetic’ diamonds. We dive into lab diamonds in this blog post.