Blog Articles

Size: Carats Matters

When it comes to diamonds - yes - size matters! There is no getting around it. A larger diamond is in our culture more impressive and more desirable. Read More

Quality: Beautiful Diamonds

In this post we will cover the *quality* of the diamond. The quality breaks down into 3 factors. Each factor describes a different aspect of quality and is measured on a scale. Read More

Stretching Your Budget

We generally recommend that you set a budget and use our tools to find the recommended diamond. Our algorithms are attempt to find optimal balance of size and quality for that budget. Read More

How we save you crazy $$$s

On One True Rock you will see crazy savings. Often between 5% to 20%. This seems crazy! In this blog post we explain how this is possible. Read More

Lab Grown Diamonds

In this blog post we are going to jump into lab diamonds. In short, visually it is hard to tell the difference between lab grown and natural diamonds. Read More